Guide to choose your DJ for the wedding night

Are you planning a wedding, and you approached the question of choosing a DJ? How to choose a DJ for the wedding? How to choose the one who you really need? Here are the details to know for choosing the right hochzeits dj wien.

Indeed, now there are so many DJs who provide their services that their eyes diverge. Who to choose when almost everyone has a promotional page written about a bunch of events and happy newlyweds?

First you need to ask yourself the question, “What exactly do I want out of the DJ?” If you know precisely what kind of music he should play that put him at the time of the wedding dance, then it will be easier when choosing. However, if the musical question rests entirely on the shoulders of the DJ, then take a closer look at the candidate for this musical post. Define for yourself several possible options, save them, write down the phone numbers on a piece of paper, as you prefer. And call. Perhaps make an appointment. It’s even better you’ll see a person alive, it means a lot.

Ask specific questions. If the DJ reluctantly responds, then you should think about how he will hold a holiday. A person who has a responsible approach to his business with pleasure will tell about his work, perhaps he will make some concessions.

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Who will be at the event as a DJ? Are you or someone else?

Be sure to clarify this question. After all, if you like a certain person, and the event does not appear the one whom you would like to see, to put it mildly, it is ugly. It is best to fix this item in the contract if you order a DJ through a wedding or music agency.

Do you know the venue?

If you order a DJ who is especially popular, then he probably has an idea. If you have no idea, then listen to his answer. The more intelligible it sounds – the better. By and large, this question is not aimed at revealing history, but about how a person communicates, is he ready to cooperate with you.

Is there enough music for the wedding? Will it be relevant?

Ask everything that interests you about the musical accompaniment. After all, the more DJ opportunities you please, the fewer problems with the selection of music can happen at the event itself. Ask about the DJ playlist, maybe there is a promotional mix that you would love to listen to.

Will there be any unexpected expenses?

Specify the payment when it is produced and how. Does DJ work on prepayment? How much will it cost for you to extend the wedding if the restless guests want to continue the banquet? Do not hesitate now – at the end of the holiday it will be extremely unpleasant to find out that the DJ does not prolong his game. Or he asks for his services very, very much.

How many years of experience do you have?

This question is also interesting in the first place the answer to it. Listen to how and what you answer. Perhaps you will have your own questions. Ask them so you will understand more for the right decision. Good luck with your choice.